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MenuPro - Automated Menu Design

Automated Menu Design Software - from SoftCafe

Easier & Faster than Word Templates or Printing Services

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MenuPro Tour

Below are the 4 main steps to creating a menu with MenuPro:

Add your food, drinks, & menu headings into MenuPro

 MenuPro Food Item

  • First you enter your food and drink items into a master food list. This only needs to be done one time - once in the list they'll always be accessible.

  • Then add your menu headings such as 'Appetizers', 'Today's Specials' or 'served with a salad' - these will be specific to each menu you make and can be whatever you want with no limit of how many you want.

Drag and Drop your foods and headings to your menu

 MenuPro Drag and Drop

  • Once dropped on your menu, MenuPro does all of the formatting, indenting, spacing, price alignment, font selection - even colors - automatically.

  • You can drag them around on your menu to change their order or remove unwanted items - MenuPro will retain the formatting so that everything lines up perfectly.

Pick a Menu Style

 MenuPro Menu Styles

  • Choose a design from over 150 styles. MenuPro will then format your entire menu based on your chosen Menu Style. You can later change styles at any time without re-typing.

  • Plus you can customize any Menu Style to suit your needs - change fonts, colors, borders, graphic art, or add your own logos - all with just a few clicks.

Print your Menu or create a PDF

 MenuPro Print Options

  • All that's left is to print your menu or create a full color PDF version which can be uploaded to your website or emailed to customers and clients.

  • When you're ready to make a change to your menu, such as changing a price or adding or removing a menu item, simply edit your menu and then re-print.


Video Demonstration

In this video we create a daily specials menu in 1 minute using the Drag and Drop method.

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Key MenuPro Features

MenuPro offers much more for menus than word-processing. Here are some of the key features that make it unique:

Quick and easy 'Drag and Drop' interface

Create menus by dragging and dropping from the food and drink list. There's no need to retype, no need to cut and paste. To reorder your items, simply drag them to a new location on the menu.

Choose from 150+ ready-made Menu Styles

One-Click Menu Designs - no templates required.

Faster, easier, and more flexible than word-processing templates, MenuPro Menu Styles work with any menu size and layout, and are all interchangeable.

Menu Styles let you change and compare designs using your actual menu items with a single click - a powerful option that's unavailable with any other software.

Automate your Daily Specials

Maintain and organize a complete database of all the menu items you serve at your establishment with MenuPro's food and drink list. You can literally store thousands of food items and have them all at your fingertips. Keep specials and seasonal items on file and ready to go. Make price changes instantly. Or print specials, daily menus, or menu flyers every day with just a few clicks from the list.

Add your own logo, graphics, or food photos

MenuPro Customer Menus with Logos

MenuPro lets you easily add your own images and artwork to your menus. And there are no restrictions on the number of logos or images you can add.

You can also choose from hundreds of menu and food clipart images, watermark backgrounds, menu borders, and food symbols that come with MenuPro.

Menu-smart text alignment and layout

No matter what Menu Style you choose, or how many items are on your menu, MenuPro automatically lines everything up without requiring you to learn complicated word-processing formatting commands

Post your menus online

Post your Menu Online - click for examples 

Keep your website menus fresh and up-to-date with MenuPro's built-in PDF Creator and Uploader. Instantly upload PDF menus to your website, or simply e-mail PDF menus to your customers or clients.

Introduce new entrées, streamline to-go orders, and promote house specials with a daily online menu.

Custom Menus - Any Menu Style with any number of menu items

Unlike Word templates, MenuPro doesn't restrict you by layout, paper size, or how many items can fit on a page. With MenuPro you can fit any number of items onto any size menu using any Menu Style. Standard menus sizes include 8½ x 11, x 14, and 11 x 17, A4, and A5, but you can use any custom menu size that your printer supports.

140+ Monotype and ITC fonts

130+ Monotype fonts are included with MenuPro

Widely regarded as the highest quality fonts available, Monotype and ITC fonts are used by design professionals throughout the world.

The fonts that come with MenuPro are the original source (not knock-offs) have been specifically selected for menu design.

Culinary spell-checker

Spell check with a 100,000+ word English dictionary plus any of 10 foreign language dictionaries including French, Italian, British English, Canadian English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, and even a special Culinary Dictionary..

1500+ restaurant graphics

food Clipart, menu borders, and more 

Included with MenuPro are clipart images, digital food photos, watermark backgrounds, decorative borders, starburst graphics like "new" and "spicy" and hundreds of menu design illustrations.

All created exclusively for SoftCafe by top illustrators and design professionals.

Organize your foods with categories

MenuPro lets you store your foods and drinks in categories that are separate from your menus, letting you keep better track of seasonal items, specials, and large food lists.

Automatic price options

Unavailable on any word-processer or desktop publisher, MenuPro's unique Price Options command lets you perfectly add or remove leader dots or dollar signs, and shift all prices on your menu with one click to improve your menu's design and, more importantly, your profits.*

Highlight high-profit menu items

Highlight the foods you prefer to sell with boxes, custom hospitality symbols, icons, starbursts, or graphics.

UUnlike word-processing programs, adding a symbol requires no special formatting or hanging indents.

Easily create 'large-type' menus

Instantly turn your dining room menu into a 'large-type' menu for those with special needs, without having to retype or incur extra design costs from a graphic designer or print shop.

Promote to-go orders and Daily Specials with mobile menus

HTML menus - perfect for mobile browsing 

Convert any MenuPro menu into a fast and lightweight HTML menu to post on your web site for customers who use mobile browsing.

MMobile users want quick, clean information, so while PDF menus allow you to showcase your brand and design, HTML menus are lightweight and load faster allowing your customers to quickly check your menus and daily specials from the office, home, or on the road.

Create catering proposals

With its master food item list and database MenuPro is perfect for caterers wwho create frequent menu proposals from a large list of food items.

Create instant table-tents

Turn any menu into a 2-UP or 4-UP Table Tent without having to retype, reformat, or start from scratch.

 It's just one click of the table tent button to turn your regular menu into an instant table-tent.

Keep your data private, secure, and accessible at all times

MenuPro does not require connection to the internet for general use. Nor does it store any of your menus or private data on the internet - all data is stored locally on your PC. So you can quickly and safely create and update your menus - at any time - on your laptop or back-office PC, without having to worry about slow internet speeds, internet browser compatibilities, downed websites, or even if you have no internet service. And you'll get peace of mind knowing your data won't be stolen, comprised, or lost by website outages or internet hackers. Plus, you can utilize built-in multi-level password protection which lets your staff create menus without allowing them to edit or modify your food item list or menu designs. Up to 10 separate design and editing features can be password protected.

Menu cover preview

Before printing, or while designing your menu, preview it in a simulated menu cover using MenuPro's patented menu cover preview display.

Comes complete - no other software required

MenuPro is easy to install and use. All fonts, Menu Styles, borders, and graphics are installed automatically. No other program or software is required.

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