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Frequently Askes Questions About MenuPro

What is MenuPro?

MenuPro is a menu design software program that allows you to create and update your own custom menus, in-house on your PC, whenever you need to. It's faster, easier, and more flexible than using a word-processor, and less expensive than paying a designer or print shop to design and print your menus.

Hostess with MenuPro Menus in Menu CoversWhat size menus can I create?

Any size, from 4 to 22 inches in length. Popular sizes are 8 x 11, 8 x 14 and 11 x 17, but you can create any custom size menu - whatever paper size your printer can handle.

Do I need a word-processor or other software?

No, MenuPro was engineered from the ground up to free you from the drudgery and complexities of Word, Publisher, or any other desktop-publishing type software.

Are there monthly or yearly fees?

No, MenuPro is not a service - it's a software program that you own. There are no monthly, yearly, or hidden service fees or charges. You pay once when you purchase the software - and that's it. Most of our customers find the cost of the software is easily recouped after printing their menus just one time.

Can I put my menus on my website?

Yes, MenuPro comes with a built-in PDF creator and web uploader that allows you to convert any menu to PDF and then upload it to your website. If you don't have a website check out our website builder WebGuider.

Can I print daily specials or flyers with MenuPro?

Yes, MenuPro excels at printing specials and flyers because it keeps all of your food items in a list. When you're ready to create your daily menu or flyer, you simply drag and drop from the list - MenuPro does the formatting automatically.

Faster than Word Templates - no other software required!Can I put my restaurant logo on my menu?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of your own images, artwork, or photos to any MenuPro menu or you can choose from over 1500 clipart and restaurant graphics that come with MenuPro.

Does MenuPro come with templates?

No, MenuPro does not use templates - it uses a more flexible, powerful (and patented) method called Menu Styles. Menu Styles are sort of like templates but without the restrictions that templates impose. Only with MenuPro Menu Styles can you change your entire menu design or key design elements with a single click.

Can I use my own fonts?

Yes, you can customize any MenuPro Menu Style with your own fonts. You can even change key elements - like color, size, and typeface (for all items on your menu) - with a single click.

What if my menu has more or less text than your samples?

With MenuPro you don't type into a template or sample, so there are no restrictions on how much text you can have. Plus, MenuPro comes with an automatic Fit button that fits all your text to the page - so you can have any amount of food items and menu headings with any Menu Style.

Printing menus works with any PrinterWhat kind of printer do I need?

Any ink jet or laser printer that works with Windows - the better the printer, the better your menus will look. For large print runs, you can create a PDF menu to send out to commercial printers.

What kind of paper do I need?

Any type. Many of our customers slide their printed menus into protective 'cafe style' menu covers with clear panels, so a slightly thicker paper for these types of covers makes it easier to insert the menu. Others use classic leather menu covers with album-style corners that hold the paper in place, so a nice parchment paper is often all you need for an elegant presentation.

Can I create menus for other restaurants?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of menus you can create.

Design your menu at work or at homeCan I use MenuPro at work and on my laptop?

Yes, MenuPro comes with a 2-PC license that lets you install and use MenuPro on 2 PC's. If you want to add additional users to your license you can do that too at a reduced cost.

Can I create carry out and take out menus too?

Yes, any MenuPro Menu Style can be changed to 2, 3, or 4 columns - perfect for carry out menus or to-go flyers.

Do you offer support after receiving my software?

Yes, free support is available from SoftCafe support specialists for all current versions of our software.

Is MenuPro guaranteed?

Yes, all of our software comes with a risk-free, unconditional 30-DAY Money-Back Guarantee!

Can I install MenuPro on a network?

Yes, but it cannot be used simultaneously by more than one user. Doing so may corrupt the files and is a violation of the license agreement.

Will your menu software work on a Mac?

Yes. With the introduction of Apple's Boot Camp, you can now run Windows programs, including MenuPro, on a Mac. See Apple's site for more details.

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